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2024 Newsletters

Header of an october 2024 newsletter in bold black font on a white background.
Cover of july 2024 newsletter.
Cover of the april 2024 newsletter.
Office professional presenting information for january 2024 newsletter.

2023 Newsletters

A librarian interacting with children at a book event, with a text overlay "december 2023 newsletter.
Two volunteers organizing food donations for a september 2023 newsletter feature.
A woman organizing food donations for a june 2023 newsletter feature.
March 2023 newsletter poster with children image
Community members gather around fresh produce for the november 2023 newsletter photo.
August 2023 newsletter banner over an image of colorful backpacks on display.
Three individuals posing inside a pantry with shelves stocked with food items, overlaid with text "may 2023 newsletter".
February 2023 newsletter poster with peoples image
A volunteer working in a food bank with a "october 2023 newsletter" text overlay.
Woman donating items to a local collection point.
April 2023 newsletter poster with two ladies images
Volunteer stocking shelves at a food pantry for the january 2023 newsletter.

2022 Newsletters

December 2022 newsletter poster with some people
September 2022 newsletter title over an image of a well-stocked grocery shelf.
June 2022 newsletter poster with some peoples images
March 2022 newsletter poster with people working
November 2022 newsletter with some packages
August 2022 newsletter poster with people on the table
May 2022 newsletter poster with a girl picking groceries image
February 2022 newsletter poster with some products on table
October 2022 newsletter poster with so many children image
A community parade with people on a decorated float featuring banners, observed by onlookers, with a digital overlay of "july 2022 newsletter".
April 2022 newsletter poster with fruits image
Group of children and adults with protective face masks standing behind a table with wrapped clothing items.

2021 Newsletters

December 2021 newsletter poster with people bathing at ocean
June 2021 newsletter with so many people standing together
May 2021 newsletter poster with people working image
October 2021 newsletter with people working
July 2021 newsletter with people image