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COVID-19 Response

Heart of the Hamptons continues to monitor the development of COVID-19 and is making adjustments as necessary. We are doing the best we can to support community members now and in the future!


Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented an emergency response plan to ensure the safety and health of our staff, volunteers, and customers. We continue to receive weekly food deliveries from our partners/distributors: Astor Distribution, HAPCO Farms, and Long Island Cares. Starting March 25th, we limited our distribution to Wednesdays only, from 10AM-12PM. Select employees and volunteers have come on the off days to pre-pack grocery bags filled with double the quantity of food that customers would normally receive. We distribute three grocery bags to each family and provide an extra bag to families with more than three people. We transport the pre-packed grocery bags upstairs to tables set up outside. To limit exposure, we have started a drive-thru service. As customers arrive, they remain in their cars and we bring the grocery bags to them. 


  • Food Distribution Statistics:
    • June 3rd- served 160 families & 6,272 meals worth of food.
    • May 27th- served 160 families, 12 new households & 6,272 meals worth of food.
    • May 20th- served 191 families, 21 new households & 7,487 meals worth of food.
    • May 13th- served 201 families, 34 new households & 7,879 meals worth of food.
    • May 6th- served 204 families, 56 new households & 7,997 meals worth of food.
    • April 29th- served 212 families, 60 new households & provided 8,310 meals worth of food.
    • April 22nd- served 188 families, 74 new households & 7,370 meals worth of food!
    • April 15th- we provided 6,429 meals worth of food to 170 families, including 76 new households!
    • April 8th- distributed to 153 families, including 83 new households. During the entire month of January, we distributed 7,331 meals. In just over 2 hours, we distributed 5,998 meals!
    • April 1st – distributed to 120+ families, approximately 12,000 pounds of food
    • March 25th – distributed to 69 families (one family every 2.3 minutes)
  • We have suspended our Wednesday Meals delivery service.
  • We are not accepting clothing or food donations at this time.
  • Monetary donations are very critical right now, as they enable us to purchase larger quantities of food to keep up with the current demand!
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