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Helping Those in Need

The Assistance Program provides a network of services for those in need in our community, including seniors, adults, children and veterans. We provide guidance, advocacy and a helping hand, always with dignity and respect for personal privacy. Emergency funding is provided for rental assistance, utilities, gasoline, medical needs, job loss, accidents and other catastrophes.  Help for seniors and the homebound, and school supplies for children are also provided.

The high cost of living in the Hamptons can make rent, food and medical bills daunting throughout the year. The need for emergency assistance in our community is especially acute during the winter months when seasonal workers are laid off and utility bills spike. Once a client has met with the director and the need is verified, financial assistance can often be offered immediately. The Assistance Program can be a crucial safety net for families facing unexpected crisis and a lifeline for those with nowhere else to turn. We also serve as a resource by providing counseling and referrals to other sources of help. All assistance is given on a case-by-case basis and requires an interview with the HOH Director.  All arrangements are made with respect for personal privacy and dignity. HOH will hear anyone’s case for assistance. If the request is within reason and the person has exhausted all other options, we are here to find or provide help.

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Children's Assistance

Backpack Kids

HOH recognizes how important it is for a child to start the first day of school with confidence.  Our Backpack Kids program provides gift cards to stores at Tanger Outlet Mall for school supplies and clothing so children can start school on a positive note.

Lunchbox Kids  

In the summer our Lunchbox Kids program provides extra food supplies for local school-age children whose families qualify for subsidized lunch.  We work to make sure that needy children can continue to eat at least one nutritious meal a day when school is not in session.

Special Needs

We work closely with our local school administrators and social workers to answer special requests and referrals for such items as new glasses, new shoes and clothing, warm winter coats, lice treatment and haircuts, food  and supplies. Cooperation with the schools helps us identify and meet the needs of children from newborn to age 17.

Adult Assistance



Assistance for adults includes emergency funds for rental assistance, heating fuel, automobile fuel, utilities, catastrophic illnesses, accidents or fires, medical prescriptions and equipment, medical transportation, and other emergency needs.  All assistance is on a case-by-case basis, and is always provided with respect for our clients’ privacy and dignity.

Assistance for Seniors

For seniors, especially those living alone or in poverty, HOH helps with daily chores and home improvements that make their lives easier to navigate. We provide a helping hand for small maintenance and repair jobs that often pose insurmountable problems for seniors (65 and over) living on fixed or little income. Tasks such as house repairs, making houses handicapped accessible and safe (adding building railings, repairing broken steps, erecting wheelchair ramps), snow removal, leaf raking, grass mowing and appliance maintenance and replacement can be taken care of at no cost or at a reduced cost. We also provide funding for medical equipment including elevated commodes, shower chairs, walkers and wheelchairs and medical transportation.

Wednesday Meals 
Our meals program serves the elderly, sick and/or home bound with a hot meal prepared by Catena’s Market once a week.  Every Wednesday our volunteers visit the homes of 25-30 community residents to deliver a hot meal at no charge and pay a welcome visit to caretakers and/or the home bound and isolated.

Veterans Assistance

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For veterans, we provide assistance for all of the services described above. We make a special effort to reach out to those who have served their country.