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Help fight hunger in our community on Saturday, December 10th, 2022! Register to plunge, donate, sponsor the PBP, volunteer, or just cheer on a loved one.



Our 2022 goal is to raise $350,000 to provide food and financial assistance to members of our community! 

Our Fundraising Goal – $350,000

Raised 35%

Saturday, December 10th, 2022


Join us for Southampton’s most highly anticipated event of the year, the Polar Bear Plunge, live and in-person!

On Saturday, December 10th, over 300 of our neighbors will take the plunge and many more people will come out and support them! 

All proceeds directly benefit our year-round Food Pantry and Assistance Programs, that currently serve more than 1,600 families in the Town of Southampton. This year’s goal is to raise $350,000 – we can make this happen with your generous support. 

For those already struggling to make ends meet, it will take years to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with rising inflation and an extremely difficult housing market on the east end. We continue to add nearly 20 new families every month, illustrating how our community is very much still struggling and depends on your continued support.

The generosity from donors like you allows us to bring relief to our neighbors in need, whether it is providing food for a local family, medical transportation, or assisting with rent gaps and utility bills.


Follow the instructions below to register as an Individual, Team, or Join a Team!

This year, we have the option to set up a personal fundraising page to send to your family and friends, and share on social media. Track donations right from your fundraising page and stay up to date on your fundraising total!

Wear a costume, join a team, get a PBP hat, and get freezin’ for a local reason!

Register as an Individual:

  1. To register as an Individual Plunger, click here and pay the $25 registration fee.
  2. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to create a personal fundraising page.
  3. Enter your name and email, then check your email to finish customizing your page.
  4. Share your fundraising page with family, friends, and on social media!

Register a Team:

  1. To register a Team, click here and pay the $25 registration fee for each participant. 
  2. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to create a fundraising page for your team.
  3. Enter your name and email, then check your email to finish customizing your page. 
  4. Share your fundraising page with family, friends, and on social media!

Join a Team:

  1. To join a team, click here and pay the $25 registration fee.
  2. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to create a fundraising page for your team, if they do not already have one.
  3. Share your fundraising page with family, friends, and on social media!

Every plunger must pay $25 registration fee in order to participate. 



Registration donations are included in total. Donations will be collected and counted until the end of the year! Updated as of 12/15 at 11AM.


1 Sean Hattrick Sponsor Here $12,281.75
2 Eric Scannelli Sponsor Here $10,510.00
3 Andrea Biernat Sponsor Here $8,826.25
4 Heather Bester Sponsor Here $2,154.50
5 Emma Keller Sponsor Here $1,327.25
6 Jack Formica Sponsor Here $1,301.50
7 Delaney Jones Sponsor Here $1,045.00
8 Gloria Dios Sponsor Here $1,035.00
9 Jane Finalborgo Sponsor Here $878.00
10 Carol Gilbert Sponsor Here $853.75
11 Bill Siegel Sponsor Here $725.75
12 Lee Burnett Sponsor Here $675.75
13 Hunter Begun Sponsor Here $660.75
14 Samantha Halsey Sponsor Here $577.25
15 Dylan Borrelli Sponsor Here $577.25
16 Tupper Bishop Sponsor Here $575.00
17 Steve Klugman Sponsor Here $535.00
18 Bill Jones Sponsor Here $500.75
19 Michael Sfinas Sponsor Here $481.01
20 Adrian Bedoya Sponsor Here $375.75
21 Dorothy Walker Sponsor Here $371.35
22 Don King Sponsor Here $334.75
23 Kendra Lesta Sponsor Here $327.25
24 Bill Ferguson Sponsor Here $300.75
25 Rick Brickell Sponsor Here $283.25
26 TJ Parker Sponsor Here $275.75
27 Joy Pasieka Sponsor Here $254.40
28 Aaron Tighe Sponsor Here $154.50
29 Robert Griffing Sponsor Here $154.50
30 Catherine Kuehn Price Sponsor Here $154.50
31 Shannon Oshea Sponsor Here $128.75
32 Melissa Cohen Sponsor Here $128.75
33 Edward Detmer Sponsor Here $128.75
34 Aiden Greene Sponsor Here $128.75
35 Margo Macnabb Sponsor Here $103.00
36 Michael Pizzitola Sponsor Here $103.00
37 Stephan Skinner Sponsor Here $103.00
38 Timothy Motyka Sponsor Here $95.00
39 Elvira Weitman Sponsor Here $77.25
40 David Barnard Sponsor Here $77.25
41 Conrado Tenaglia Sponsor Here $77.25
42 Stephen Marks Sponsor Here $77.25
43 Ria Souhrada Sponsor Here $77.25
44 Bryan Tapia Sponsor Here $75.00
45 Bill Noke Sponsor Here $72.10
46 David Thilberg Sponsor Here $51.50
47 Walter de Ravin Sponsor Here $51.50
48 Scott Clark Sponsor Here $51.50
49 Marybeth Dartley Sponsor Here $51.50
50 Kira Lysogorski Sponsor Here $51.50
51 Isabella and Jonathan Breen Sponsor Here $51.50
52 Sara McLaughlin Sponsor Here $51.50
53 Sarah Lavista Sponsor Here $51.50
54 Sharyn Sammy Sponsor Here $51.50
55 Dennis Rodriguez Sponsor Here $51.50
56 Porter Bibb Sponsor Here $50.75
57 Jack Detmer Sponsor Here $46.35
58 John Hynan Sponsor Here $46.35
59 Hans Teufel Sponsor Here $46.35
60 Isabella Glorioso Sponsor Here $46.35
61 Brian Shah Sponsor Here $46.35
62 Jack Biderman Sponsor Here $45.00
63 John Andes Sponsor Here $30.90
64 Charles Stevens Sponsor Here $25.75
65 Jane Moss Sponsor Here $25.75
66 Joann Pauley Sponsor Here $25.75
67 Anthony Galante Sponsor Here $25.75
68 Mikaela Falk Sponsor Here $25.75
69 Chynna Liu Sponsor Here $25.75
70 Lewis Liman Sponsor Here $25.75
71 Frank Kazanecki Sponsor Here $25.75
72 Spencer Korwin Sponsor Here $25.75
73 Cass Almendral Sponsor Here $25.75
74 Christian Pantina Sponsor Here $25.75
75 Elena Merola Sponsor Here $25.75
76 Zack Sanders Sponsor Here $25.75
77 Maria Pamboris Sponsor Here $25.75
78 Laith Jazrawi Sponsor Here $25.75
79 Dylan Glanz Sponsor Here $25.75
80 Natalie Glanz Sponsor Here $25.75
81 Cailin Petersen Sponsor Here $25.75
82 Konstantine Lazarakis Sponsor Here $25.75
83 Xanthi Lazarakis Sponsor Here $25.75
84 Demetrios Lazarakis Sponsor Here $25.75
85 Jb Andreassi Sponsor Here $25.75
86 Lisa Baron Schenker Sponsor Here $25.75
87 Emma Schenker Sponsor Here $25.75
88 Cornelius Rogers Sponsor Here $25.75
89 Daniel Bower Sponsor Here $25.75
90 Kieran Gorman Sponsor Here $25.75
91 Laura Jarrin Sponsor Here $25.75
92 Richard Schopp Sponsor Here $25.75
93 Lori Bracey Sponsor Here $25.75
94 Aidan Boland Sponsor Here $25.75
95 James Boland Sponsor Here $25.75
96 Vanessa Winters Sponsor Here $25.75
97 Michael Kovar Sponsor Here $25.75
98 Katherine Murray Sponsor Here $25.75
99 Brian Kelly Sponsor Here $25.75
100 Jesse Warren Sponsor Here $25.75
101 Cara J. Damer Sponsor Here $25.75
102 Karen Bontempo Sponsor Here $25.75
103 Marcelina Kropiwnicka Sponsor Here $25.75
104 Anne Hattrick Sponsor Here $25.75
105 Tommy Panebianco Sponsor Here $25.75
106 Henry Rooney Sponsor Here $25.75
107 Heather Wolters Sponsor Here $25.00
108 Felice Milani Sponsor Here $25.00
109 Jack Ditalia Sponsor Here $25.00
110 Jacqueline Robinson Sponsor Here $25.00
111 Bibiana Garcia Sponsor Here $25.00
112 Jack Terry Sponsor Here $25.00



1 Team Kieffer Sponsor Here $9,632.50
2 The Mermaid and His Husband Sponsor Here $5,510.00
3 Twomey Latham Sponsor Here $4,569.00
4 Chillin’ with Hilton Sponsor Here $3,457.50
5 Hampton Theatre Company Sponsor Here $3,343.00
6 Nathan’s A Team Sponsor Here $2,225.75
7 The Dunne Boys! Sponsor Here $1,277.25
8 Team St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Sponsor Here $1,193.75
9 Pellegrino’s Pizza Bar Sponsor Here $1,007.50
10 Stony Brook Pa Class Of 2023 Sponsor Here $815.00
11 Oceanview Landscapes Sponsor Here $760.00
12 Spiritual Spoon Project Sponsor Here $683.25
13 Team Mike Sponsor Here $665.00
14 Tuckahoe School Sponsor Here $357.00
15 Lil Weiss Plungers Sponsor Here $353.00
16 Medstus Sponsor Here $303.00
17 Southampton Athletics Sponsor Here $231.00
18 Team Hoffman 2021 Sponsor Here $204.50
19 Home in The Hamptons Physical Therapy Sponsor Here $186.95
20 Hamptons Swim Sponsor Here $151.50
21 Wmny Rugs Sponsor Here $150.00
22 Scales and Tails Prints Sponsor Here $127.25
23 Team Pygmy Hippo Sponsor Here $103.00
24 Titans Go Sponsor Here $103.00
25 Valiants Sponsor Here $103.00
26 Team Telvi Sponsor Here $77.25
27 Timeshifter Sponsor Here $77.25
28 Beach Bums Sponsor Here $51.50
29 Hunger Slayers Sponsor Here $51.50
30 Jack & Gaven Sponsor Here $51.50
31 Poulmentis Sponsor Here $50.00



1. If you or your business would like to sponsor the Polar Bear Plunge and give your organization additional visibility, please contact us. Click here to view our Sponsorship Opportunities. 

2. If you have different ideas or would like to do something smaller, larger, or unique all ideas will be considered, and no sponsorship request will be turned down. Click here or call 631-283-6415 for more information.


1. Create a TEAM and raise money from clients, employees, friends, and other organizations, to help us meet our goal! Click here or call 631-283-6415 for more information. 

Sponsorship sign-up forms available here or send a check payable to Heart of the Hamptons to P.O. Box 5031, Southampton NY11969.


Polar Bear Plunge History

Since the first Polar Bear Plunge in 2004, the event has raised more than $1,000,000 to support HOH and its programs to help the needy on eastern Long Island. All you have to do to join the fun is sign up and collect pledges of support (donations) from your family and friends. Join us for an exhilarating leap into the holiday spirit. We guarantee it will warm your heart.  C’mon. We dare you! 

Where Do the Funds Go?

The money raised through the Polar Bear Plunge supports the Food Pantry and Assistance programs operated by Heart of the Hamptons. All the money goes to help people in need right here in our community. Your efforts help supply hot meals for the homebound, supplies/clothing for school children, warm coats, emergency fuel oil, medical transportation, food and much more. It’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit by doing something good for your community. You’ll have cold feet but a warm heart!